Artist Statement

My work is mostly inspired by experiences and journeys that have had an impact on my life, like places I have been, people I have known, memories from my childhood and things I have collected. The overall theme of all my work is ‘Memory’ furthermore, ‘Recollecting the Archives of memory’.

When I think of memory in general I think of old sepia photographs of family and journals written in old classic calligraphy full of memories. When I think of my own memories I think of overseas trips, memories with my grandparents and songs my parents used to play in the car when we were small. Each of these memories had a unique influence on my life. When I stand in my flat and look at all the things I have collected over the years and the photographs on my wall, they are all memories which I treasure. Memory plays a large role in our lives which none of us can escape. It shapes us and it helps us to make sense of the past. Memory is usually something which everyone cherishes.

We have memory archives where we store our memories which serve as reminders of these things which we cherish. When it comes to collecting artefacts of memory such as souvenirs, sentimental objects and photographs I am guilty as charged. My Dad always calls me a ‘magpie’ because of all the things I collect. When I see what I have collected, they are all things that are connected with my memories from the past. However, they are all things that I cannot seem to let go of, they are too sentimental to me. My artefacts of memory are like texts because they tell stories of my past; stories and experiences which I cherish. I keep hanging on to them because I cherish them. Magically, luckily also through means of jewellery, I am now able to preserve memories which are dear to my heart and has inspired my work, therefore becoming ‘Wearable Memories’.

Jackie Hahn